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The Nerve.


I’m fresh from the neurologist with a leg prognosis that is best told by pictures.

(In this scenario, the nerve is the one with the angry eyes. His name is “obturator nerve” but we can call him Franken-nerve because it’s almost Halloween.)

Frankennerve had all these lymph node friends to keep him warm but when they were taken out along with the cansuh, he was left shivering in the cold. All angry and such.

Frankennerve Mad.

He is located about midway up my spine and runs down through my hip and he works with my leg muscles, particularly powering up my left inner thigh but in his angered state, he is on strike, rendering my inner thigh relatively useless for the time being. Which is why when I try to run fast it is like dragging a dead leg behind me.

Sometimes he gets really mad and sends shooting pains throughout my leg, though we’re not sure if it’s him or his friends who do that.

The best part is I’m not crazy! There really is an issue and it’s not just my perceived sloth-like state! Hooray! Because when I am going slow it is just my nature to assume that is because I suck or am completely out of shape. (I must work on that.)

I am scheduling an MRI to see if the nerve is damaged or simply traumatized and in the meantime working that inner thigh muscle on the machine at the gym to see if that helps. I’m pretty sure the MRI is just to see what’s going on but that if it’s traumatized, there’s not much to be done until he gets over his emotional wounds or finds a nerve therapist to talk to. But I can just keep on doing what I’m doing as long as I’m not in any pain.

So that’s that!

In the meantime I’m sending love and electricity to all my family and friends in the northeast!!! Thumbs down for Sandy!

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  1. Similar problem here been dragging my right leg around for months! If I break a 12 min mile lately Im happy until I realize how pathetic that is! Good luck!

  2. Big thumbs down to Sandy! I hope your nerve gets better, that has got to be painful. :(
    Erin @ Girl Gone Veggie recently posted..A Penguin HalloweenMy Profile

  3. Two thumbs and two big toes down to Sandy.

    I think you should illustrate your blogs more often.
    Thea @ It’s Me Vs. Me recently posted..October Food Journal Challenge – Wrap UpMy Profile

  4. Two thumbs down to Sandy!! Love the Frankennerve Mad.
    Natalie Johnson recently posted..מחשוב ענןMy Profile

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