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Tales from the Trenches Week: My Pumping Stories {GIVEAWAY}


++This giveaway is now closed++

This is right along the lines of a TMI FRIDAY post, hurrah! We’re going to end Tales from the Trenches week and World Breastfeeding Month with my own lovely tales of pumping in the days of yore.

And oh were they fun. (I laughed, I cried…I’d say ‘it was better than Cats’ but I already used that reference once this week).

First of all, like someone commented earlier this week, I too had a preemie the first time around and so pumping was really the only thing I could do for him while he was in the NICU and so I pumped feverishly. It became my job. 

Every 2 hours on the hour and after I pumped for a 1/2 hour, I half-awakenly schlepped my bottles to the NICU all through the night, fell asleep for an hour and arose to pump again. I even stayed at the hospital after they discharged me, too, so I wouldn’t really have to leave him. Around the clock, I pumped. And I pumped and I pumped, until he was allowed to come out of the isolette for me to nurse him.

Even after he got home, I pumped just trying to keep my milk going nicely and also if I was leaving him for any reason (to get my raggedy hair done or to go to the grocery store because I never strayed far) I’d pump to leave a bottle with him in case he got hungry before I returned.

After that, I pumped in the following places: my car when my husband was driving, the back of the car parked in the mall parking lot, a parking lot outside of a nightclub (before my first night out post-baby), the hotel during my sister’s wedding, oh they were good memories! I always carried a cooler with ice with me and I had my portable pump with car adapter and/or battery pack.

But the best memory I have was after my 4 year old was born and we had the darnedest time nursing. I was crying because breastfeeding wasn’t going so well and my cracked bleeding nippies were angry with me. I was about to give up and was getting ready to pump, and my husband, who wanted to ease my suffering (i.e. make me laugh), grabbed the pump, lifted his shirt and put the openings on himself and turned it on.

Let me tell you, it sealed right to his chest, both nips, right away, it just clamped on there and as his tiny man-nippies started stretching because the pump was pumping, and he began to howl sounds I’ve never heard before because they were sealed he couldn’t get them off. He was yelling, “Turn it off! Turn it off!” but I was howling with laughter so hard that he had to figure out how to turn it off himself (I guess it worked, it did make me laugh!)

I started laughing this week just thinking about him screaming with the pump on his manboobs and I told him I was posting this. (Seriously, how could I not? It’s 4 years later, it’s time.)

Anyway, I wanted to spotlight pumping because it’s one of those many things that many moms do that really is part of the Tales from the Trenches of motherhood. Nursing is one thing but pumping always comes with tales of people walking in on you, that distinct sound it makes… I could always tell when my sister was calling me while pumping from work (– she had a hands-free!) But I could always hear the sound in the background. Once she was pumping in the conference room and had locked it, so of course when they were trying to unlock it, they called maintenance over the PA system while she sat in there shirtless waiting for people to burst through the doors — sometimes it’s torture!

But it makes for the best stories…

What I love is that after the multiple walk-ins my sister had, she found signs for her door at work. I don’t remember what kind she has, but I didn’t know they made them at all, did you?

Click to see it.

So you can ward them off before they get there… (There are also ones with cows.)

Before I go — HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY SISTER! (Completely unrelated to this post, but since we’re talking about her! I love you!)

Anyhoo – to round out Tales from the Trenches, Bebe au Lait, one of my favorites of all time (I have two nursing covers from them that I bought and love) is sponsoring a giveaway for one of their nursing covers! Only because I wanted to give away one of my (already) favorite things – and no other reason. Except for perhaps that it’s World Breastfeeding Month and why not celebrate that too.

All you have to do is leave a comment below with your nursing, feeding, pumping story or memories or if you’re looking forward to making some. You’ll be entered to win your choice of nursing cover, which is the perfect gift for any baby shower if you’re not the one who’d use it! You can use it for pumping, nursing, what have you!

Closes Friday night AUGUST 17  11:59p.m. ET, winner picked shortly after.

ps. Foto Friday returns next week! Pps. Total recaps of BlogHer coming next week too!

Disclosure: I was NOT compensated for this post, Bebe au Lait is one of my favorite products, that is all. Opinions all my own. The end.

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  1. Ok…I had a 13 yr old son at the time of my youngest son’s birth. Trying to nurse while having a teenage boy in the house (with friends) is always interesting! But the one time I remember was when my parents, little brother and son were all in the living room and I was trying to nurse my week old baby. My dad was more embarrassed than anyone else when I started preparing to nurse. He started pacing the room and trying to find ways to distract himself and my bro and son. It was actually very comical! Finally I told him to relax I wasn’t going to flash him my boob!!

  2. I loved the times that I was able to nurse my oldest. We had issues and nursing was short-lived, but I sure did enjoy the bonding we experienced during those times. I will try to breastfeed again and hope to be more successful! Thanks for the opportunity to win this nursing cover! I have a small charitable group and I love having items on-hand to use as donations for mothers and their families who experience a natural disaster.

    keltner021403 at yahoo dot com

  3. I nursed my now 21 month old daughter until I dried up at 12 months. I was working full time and pumping but as she became less interested it just slowly dwindled to nothing. My 3 month old son is currently BFing and doing wonderful! He’s the hugest chunker ever! I’m also a WAHM now do I hardly ever have to pump and he eats on demand so it’s flowing great! My favorite nursing moments for both kids are those adorable milk grins! What a time to laugh! It makes a mess but oh how precious they look when they stop a moment to smile!

  4. I am currently nursing my third baby and keep leaking through all of my breast pads. It’s so fun to look down in the middle of a store and see two big wet spots on your shirt.

  5. Looking forward to making some memories…there is very little privacy in my workplace, oy!

  6. I had issues with my son latching on but I kept trying and pumping and he eventually got it. I was so glad I didn’t give up because it was so worth it!

  7. Our first, a girl, is due in 10 days — so my memories haven’t started yet, but definitely hoping to log plenty of quality time nourishing her!

  8. Attending a breastfeeding class with my wife — our baby is due in less than two weeks, so that’s the best memory we have for now of feeding her. :-)

  9. I did a mix of breast feeding and pumping for 13 months, but the majority was pumping as my daughter was prem and the most (and still is) distracted eater ever! Wouldn’t change a thing! Worked great for us.

  10. My first was 5 weeks early so I guess we never really got the hang of nursing. I ended up nursing/pumping half the time and giving him some formula as well. I have to say it’s much easier with baby #2 and he was full term. I also feel a lot more comfortable this time, thanks to having a nursing cover. I love the stares I get as I’m sitting in the front seat of our mini van with my cover on and my son’s feet dangling out. It was really fun when we went to Canada a few weekends ago and I had to nurse my son in the food court. There were a bunch of mennonites/Amish family that were trying so hard not to stare! Luckily, I did have my cover and I probably would have never been able to do that with my first.

  11. I nursed my second for 13 months and worked full time so I spent a lot of time with my pump. We have a minivan that has an outlet in the back, so whenever I knew that my son would need to eat as soon as we got somewhere and I wouldn’t want to nurse that second, I would pump on the way. My biggest fear always was that we would wreck the car while I was pumping. Fortunately I had a Bebe-Au-Lait nursing cover on always, but underneath I was hooked up to the pump and breasts exposed. One day I was all hooked up, ready to go, and as my husband backed out of our driveway he hit our neighbors car! Then he proceeded to park the car in the middle of the street while running to the neighbors door. Fortunately no one else came out of their house and it took awhile for our neighbor to come out so I had time to remove the pump and get dressed, but man was my heart racing. It was comical after the fact. we just found out last week we are expecting baby #3 and I would love a new nursing cover since I spend so much time with one on! I may have to have my husband try the pump out for a good laugh though :)

  12. I pumped a lot when my first children were born. They were twins and a bit premature. Once they grew a bit bigger we got a hang of breastfeeding and continued until they were 13 months. Fast forward five years, I have a new baby. I have been pumping again occasionally to have some expressed milk. My five year old twin girls think it is the funniest thing they have ever seen. They even asked if they could try it! I am sure they will tell people all about it when school starts in 2 weeks. Breastfeeding with my baby is going great, a nursing cover would be very helpful when we are out and about. :)

  13. My favorite nursing moments with my oldest was when she was getting mobile and she would nurse while getting into all kinds of positions. Our 2nd is 3 months old and she has been a great nurser from the beginning. I love that something so simple makes her so content.

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