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Mr. Miyagi’s Backyard.


OK so maybe it’s not quite Mr. Miyagi’s backyard. Yet.

But it is getting there!


You are you aware of Mr. Miyagi’s backyard, right? It’s beautiful. Although I can’t find any pictures of his backyard anywhere, honestly I Googled this forever. Daniel-san painted all the fence (both side) and sanded the floor. And he has real fish in his pond.

You see, I live my life through several movies and 1 tv show: Karate Kid, Tommy Boy & Seinfeld. There are more but I can’t remember them all and really it depends on the situation at hand really (Twister makes me want steak and eggs, Legally Blonde 2 makes me want to say, “Makes me want a hot dog reaaaaal bad”…you know.)

But pretty much the first three cover it all.

So anyways, I’m currently in my quest for Mr. Miyagi’s backyard for when I feel like shit after the surgery and want to cry into my coffee.

I am anticipating highs and lows and for the lows I want to sit outside and listen to birds but of course that could change depending on the amount of valium or vicadin they give me however, a good server has the ability to anticipate the needs of the customer and in this case I’m the server AND the customer. (Have I told you that being a late night server at Denny’s put me through college?)

Now, we haven’t gotten to the fish in a pond or perfect manicurization yet, however, we are manageable. As in, I could really be good with what we’ve done thus far.

Here’s the progression in pictures over the last week and a half:

Crap backyard with mosquito spa:

Nice men brought a trailer and took it (thanks universe!) But then it left behind icky poo.

icky poo

Then I went to pre-op last week and by the time I got home, the slab was pressure-washed thanks to my dad who found and called a guy.



And then we painted it, added flowers, a wind chime that reminds me of my Grandpa, a water fountain that reminds me of my mom because it was hers and she moved and couldn’t use it anymore and voila! It almost looks usable!

hystoporch copy

It is already relaxing. I sit here writing with my back door open listening to the fountain and the wind chimes. It really is beautiful.

I could get used to this.

A big huge thank you to my parents for helping me do all of this before the surgery. <3

I also bought some trellises (trelli?) for the back fence because I don’t want the farmers to watch me in my kitchen and as soon as I plant those plants there, they will grow over the fence and hide me.

flowers copy

We also have a bird feeder back there that a family of blue jays dines at frequently and this morning we woke up and there were a whole bunch of them having breakfast.

Add to the patio a couple of loungers with friendly colored cushions (the ones I saw at Burlington Coat Factory that I can’t stop thinking about), me, and a couple of children’s voices and I’m going to be one content mama nursing her way back to happiness. Everything that makes me happy in one place: my family, some flowers, a fountain, comfy jammies (I tried on so many today the lady asked me if I was going on a cruise.)

Anyways it really don’t take much.

I’m even almost ready for this.

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  1. Mr Miyagi’s got nothing on your backyard. MWAH
    Bari recently posted..Brokenness Update: The PlanMy Profile

  2. Your backyard looks fantastic! A tranquil place for a fantastic lady. I’m thinking about ya and keeping you in my prayers.
    Janeen (Chupieandjsmama) recently posted..Wheat In My Salad?My Profile

  3. You have a lovely backyard… Thanks for sharing this lovely shot…
    Sandra92 recently posted..Unlock iPhone 4My Profile

  4. I love what makes you happy!! The yard looks beautiful!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted..The Troll & My Progress PicturesMy Profile

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  6. thats the best movie line ever…makes me want a hot dog reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal bad!!

    <3 you
    Brett recently posted..Pinterest…FAIL!?My Profile

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