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Reviews Giveaways & Deals — May 22, 2012 at 8:59 am

Kid-less Disney Instagram Adventure (& Disney Secrets!)


Childless trips to Walt Disney World come along perhaps only once in a lifetime. Except of course for this one time I got to go to Disney childless twice in one year! Lucky me!

Now, you know I love my children and seeing the wonders of Walt Disney World through their eyes. It truly is a magical experience. It’s just that the magical experience also happens to come with a side dish of timing things just right in terms of food and naps and then of course there’s the stroller rentals and waiting in lines with them swinging on the chains and putting their mouths on the bars and this one time that my older one poked Mickey Mouse in the eye when he was hot and tired and expiring and the face paint was dripping off his face…you know, magical.

So as much as we love the family trips (and we do! We’re pass holders!), it is equally as magical (and also somewhat guilt inducing) when a big group of mom bloggers get to go traipsing around the park stroller-less. I’ll tell you right now, it felt so naughty!

But it was so much fun.

We instagrammed all around the park that day, which was day three of our DisneyGlobalEvent. Here’s the stroller-less mom tale through instagram with a couple of Disney World secrets around the parks while I’m at it!

I was hanging with my roomies: Brett from This Mama Loves Her Bargains, Mary of Couponers United, and Emily from Clever Housewife.

First order of business? Cupcakes for breakfast at Animal Kingdom.


Aren't they just beautiful?

We’re breaking all the rules, here.

Betcha didn’t know about the crazy awesome cupcake place in Animal Kingdom, did you? Well if you catch the right cashier, they’ll even let you have one at 10 a.m. even though they don’t technically serve them until later.

me cupcake

That, my friends, is a chocolate tamarin.

I have been drooling over these cupcakes since I took the family to Animal Kingdom a couple of months ago and the cupcake walked by me but there was no way on earth I could give the kids a cupcake at that point and so I watched it walk away, longingly.

So here we are consuming the cupcakes.

cupcakes friends

Breakfast of champions.

We needed fuel for this day of park hopping!

cupcake annihilation

Total cupcake annihilation.

So naughty.

cupcake love

Cupcake montage. We'll always have Animal Kingdom, cupcakes!

The cupcake place is called the Kusafiri Bakery and it’s located just outside Africa in Animal Kingdom. It’s tucked away in the same building as the Tusker House Restaurant, but it’s easy to miss, so look in the nooks and crannies to find it. If you forego the cupcakes, it’s a great place to grab a coffee when you’re in need of a mid-afternoon pick-me-up.

We went into Animal Kingdom simply to ride Everest, which we did, and then we left with our Park Hopper passes for Magic Kingdom.

magic kingdom

From left to right: Mary, Brett, Emily

What’s your favorite ride at the Disney parks?

I love me all the roller coasters but my favorite Disney ride of all time is the Carousel of Progress. I don’t know why. (Did you know the Carousel of Progress has its own Twitter account? It does. I don’t know if it’s real or not but still.) Anyways, the ride is so old and it never ever changes. In fact, pretty soon, it will have to change because the future doesn’t look like the future anymore!


I think I just love seeing how far we’ve come over the past century. I always picture myself living back in the olden days with ice boxes and those old cars and long dresses.

Anyways, when we go to Magic Kingdom as a family, we ride the People Mover.Over and over again. So we couldn’t help ourselves on that one.

Disney people mover

Me & Mary on the People Mover.

After the People Mover, it was lunchtime, so we went to my favorite restaurant in the Magic Kingdom: The Plaza Restaurant. As far as sit-down restaurants go in Magic Kingdom, it’s my favorite (I said that already). It’s just outside Tomorrowland, I found it by accident once, but it’s small & quaint and it usually has room for us without a reservation (although making a reservation is the best bet.) It is a great place to stop for some much-needed air conditioning and their children’s meals come with an appetizer, an entree AND dessert! Here is a sample of a kids menu at The Plaza. I love that there are healthy choices on it.

For the grown-ups, too, the food is just overall pretty yummy. I had a burger this time but the Reuben is my favorite of all time. I also have also had the veggie sandwich with hummus and veggies (on a Friday during Lent), it’s delicious! But my favorite thing about the restaurant besides its quaintness is the service. Every time we eat there, the servers play with the kids, they are over the top with making us happy and the chef even comes out to say hi to the kids, which they thought was a real treat.

The Plaza is also a great place to power your phone if you’re tweeting and taking pictures all day at the park. Just saying.

After lunch, we made it to Space Mountain.


Emily's photo: We are in there! I swear!

We tried to take a picture of us in line. It didn’t really come out. It was dark in there.

We headed out of the park, but just before we left, we hit up the Dole Whips at Aloha Isle near Pirate’s of the Carribean and where Tinkerbell signs autographs in Adventureland. They’re yummy pineapple ice creams that Emily LOVES, I got me a sample (for free!) which was actually pretty big! (Note to self: ask for a sample!)

Goodbye Magic Kingdom, my favorite park of all time!

Then we were off again, onward ho(s)! Toward Hollywood Studios!


Mary's photo. So cute!

Where a family of duckies was at the turnstile trying to get in. I wonder if they were pass holders too!

My favorite part about riding the roller coasters with Emily and Mary was laughing my ass off at their screaming! I couldn’t help myself! Although I screamed myself on the Rock N Roller Coaster, I really love that one.


You know how they post your pictures at the end of the ride on the monitors for you to buy? Mary took a picture of it. We’re pretty much all screaming.

Between the lines and the park hopping, by now it was starting to get late, so again we were off toward a dinner place.

My favorite place to eat at Hollywood Studios with the family is a place my best friend told me about: The Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater. You sit in 1950’s cars and watch really bad sci-fi movies and the kids can pretty much get real loud in there and only you hear them. I like that part. But mostly, they’re enamored by the crazy sci-fi movies (and the milkshakes) and so they usually behave pretty well there. Again, it’s another nice stop during the day to get some air conditioning and have a cool dining atmosphere. We have usually had breakfast on our own and we usually go home for dinner (I only live just over an hour away from the parks), so lunch is often our money splurge. Although we are known to bring lunch too and make dinner our splurge, too, it really depends on the day. Either way, we only ever usually pick one restaurant to eat at as a family when we’re at the parks to save money.

We didn’t get to eat here, though, I just wanted to tell you about it. *snicker*

Instead, we tried somewhere new: Mama Melrose’s Ristorante Italiano!

And I’m glad because we had the best service ever by a self-proclaimed obsessive couponer (and a now new reader for Mary and her couponing site!)

The food was delicious! I would probably save this place for mom’s day out or for you as a couple because it was a little pricey and it was a nice atmosphere, but there were plenty of kids in there so feel free to go hog wild if you’re in the mood for Italian. The food, my gosh the food. Was so.yummy.

Also, our server gave us free cupcakes.


I was so full I could only eat a bite of it, but it was delicious and it had filling. Filling!

Yeah we pretty much began the day on cupcakes and ended the day on cupcakes. What are the chances of that?

All I know is that it’s AWESOME.

And then the day was done.

Hollywood studios

Goodbye, Walt Disney World!

So check out some of these places the next time you go, mkay?

Do you have any Disney favorites that you have to do every time you go?? Any Disney secrets you wanna share???

Disclosure: Disney and the Disney Global Event sponsors paid my expenses for this trip. The opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. We were at Magic Kingdom yesterday, with our two little girls! Wish I had known about the Dole Whips samples! We stopped and bought some Pineapple Juice which was delicious.

  2. not having kids, all our disney trips are childless. When I went to the earmarked conference for disney TA’,s I toured with the moms from my agency and showed them how to do disney “heather style” aka without kids, and they had a blast lol!
    Heather Montgomery recently posted..Books I’m LovingMy Profile

  3. Disney World is so my happy place – I wish I lived in FL so I could be a season pass holder and just go whenever. I have favorites in all the parks – Test Track at Epcot, Rockin’ Roller Coaster at MGM, Kali River Rapids at Animal Kingdom and Pirates of the Caribbean at Magic Kingdom.

    We always get parkhopper passes and do the dining plan because it really does save some money.

    I’m not sure what I’ll do while there for Wine and Dine – I want to park hop and a kid-free Disney vacation is definitely on my bucket list, but there just won’t be enough time, what with that little 1/2 marathon thrown in there.
    Bari recently posted..Tri-Training Tuesday: Week 2My Profile

  4. We have got to do this again!! I think my post will be all instagram photos too. lol
    Emil Lyon recently posted..Corn Dog MuffinsMy Profile

  5. The California Grill at the Contemporay is my 2nd favorite restaurant in the country. Also a great place to watch the fireworks.

  6. FUN!!! Man oh man – those cupcakes! The food at Disneyland is HUGE – here in CA too!

    I love Space Mountain & over at CA Adventure – the CA Flying ride – love it!
    Jody – Fit at 54 recently posted..YMX Racerback Tank Workout Top GIVEAWAY!!!!My Profile

  7. dangit, now i want some cupcakes. Which isn’t that big of a deal. I have a few dollars, I can go buy one. BUT they won’t be a super cool as the ones you just showed off! NOT FAIR. :)

    Great post BTW, lots of smiles and fun.
    PavementRunner recently posted..Horseshoe Lake 50k — Before & AfterMy Profile

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