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Disneynature’s Chimpanzee: The McClain Sisters & “Rise.”


Aren't they so cute??!!

One of the best parts of the new Disneynature film, “Chimpanzee,” is the soundtrack that was written especially for the movie, called “Rise.” It’s a beautiful song, and considering that it was written by a 13, 15 and 18 year old who are the beautiful young women who make up the McClain Sisters, it makes it just that more incredible.

The McClain Sisters includes China McClain, the star of the Disney show A.N.T. Farm and her sisters, Lauren and Sierra, though their parents also had a hand in creating the song, too. (You’ll notice at the end of the movie, it says “The McClains” in the credits.)

We got a chance to sit down with them after the premiere of Chimpanzee last week and the strong sister bond was obvious to everyone as soon as they  sat down.


The McClain sisters were excited to write the song for the movie and they got to see an early version of the movie to write the song around it. They tried to reflect the main points of the movie in the song, which were the unity of the chimpanzees and the adversity they had to overcome. “The unity in the movie was just really amazing because they couldn’t really do anything without each other and they were never far away from each other and that was good, but our main point was Oscar,” explained China.

The McClain Sisters agreed the song should also be uplifting and inspiring, so they sat down in the studio to work on it and their father started to play the piano. “He started with some chords that we thought were great which was, you know, the ones you hear in the song,” said Sierra, “and then, you know, we just kept getting ideas from that and we were talking about the movie and the different points, and it just, here we are!”


The McClain Sisters share an obvious natural sister bond. The three of them finished each other’s sentences throughout the interview and they all say they enjoy both living and working together. “We’ve always been really close so it’s really fun working with them and when I’m with them it doesn’t really feel like working, it just feels like a, a big joke of a job, so that’s really cool,” said China, 13.

Her sister Lauren, who’s 15, agrees. “When we’re in the studio and stuff, it doesn’t really feel like work, you know, and then we can go out of the studio, because we have a studio at our house, we can come out of the studio and go watch a movie and stuff like that because we live together, so you know, I think that’s my favorite part,” she said.

Sierra, 18, jokes that their closeness can be both a blessing and a curse. “Well, the best part is, well, we know everything about each other, so, you know, we kind of know how we operate and things like that. The worst is probably that we know everything about each other,” she laughed. “They  know what buttons to push.”

Lauren and China share a room together and even clothes. But not shoes. “She has huge feet!” jokes China. “No!” defends Lauren. “Your feet are just little!” she says, laughing.

It’s all just in fun, though, as the sisters are not only grounded, but humble. And they’ve learned early that family is the most important thing in life. “My mom definitely taught us that friends, you know, they come and go sometimes, but your sisters are going to be always be there for you no matter what. No matter what you’re going through. My mom had two brothers and she was really close to her brothers and she always taught us to be close and that’s how we are,” said Sierra.

Sister Time

The McClain Sisters don’t consider their work actual work because they love with they do (I love that!) But when they’re not working, they have “sister movie night” every Friday or Saturday, they love to hang out with their friends at In-N-Out or eat at Chick-Fil-A (love) and cuddling with their tiny dog, Cujo. “We say we want our space but then we’ll be on the phone with each other in the room,” says Sierra.

In the end, the McClain Sisters say that the theme throughout the movie Chimpanzee rings true for them too. “To see a totally different species, you know, sticking  together and working together to just obtain one goal, which was, you know, most of the time it was to survive in this movie. And I feel like we’re kind of that way,” said Sierra. And that’s the message Sierra, the oldest, says she would give to anyone. “I really don’t know what I would do without those two,” she says about her sisters, “so, definitely just to stick close, like I can’t even stress that enough. It’s important to have that strong foundation you know with every family member.”

And of course, her sisters agreed.

Check out the music video for the Disneynature film Chimpanzee. It’s called, “Rise,” and it’s amazing. The McClain Sisters’ first full album is due out this year.

Chimpanzee is in theaters right now and Disneynature is giving portions of the first week’s ticket sales to the Jane Goodall Institute — so don’t wait! Go see it! My Chimpanzee review and Chimpanzee prize pack giveaway is here, check them out! The giveaway closes tomorrow!

Disclosure: Disney and the DisneyGlobalEvent sponsors paid for my expenses for this trip. However, the opinions expressed are my own.

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  1. I was so impressed with how grounded they are given their age. And I adore the song!
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