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Uncategorized — August 2, 2010 at 4:00 am

The “My Favorite Things” Giveaway: Bondi Band

**This contest is now closed**
Well you know I couldn’t have a list of favorites and not include my super-favorite, the Bondi Band.
I love the Bondi Band SO.MUCH. I think I am their biggest ambassador, I swear. Maybe they’ll give me a job or hire me as their spokesperson.
What is a Bondi Band? These are very slim, snug-fitting headbands that wick your massive amounts of sweat from your gargantuan cranium whilst exercising in the heat.
I suffer from migraines and I have quite a few triggers, including red wine tight headbands and hairbands. So when I found Bondi Band last year at the Gasparilla Half-Marathon, I was hopeful but skeptical.
But it not only wicked away my sweat, it was snug but not too snug so as to cause a headache. I now am the proud owner of FIVE Bondi Bands, but one of the things I love most about them are their sayings. I have one with a shark on it that says “Om Nom Nom” which I find brilliant because of my fear of sharks and having to constantly do open water swims. It’s almost like I could never get eaten because I am making fun of myself with this headband. It’s like shark repellant.

But my favorite is: SHUT UP AND RUN. Because I am a huge fan of mantras to help me get through my workouts and this one really helps me nix the complaining and the negative inner monologue and just allows me to go on my merry way. It is especially helpful during a triathlon when I am getting off the bike, do not yet have my running legs on and instead have concret stumps that were once my bike legs, and running feels like the very last thing they want to do.

And at this last triathlon that I did on Saturday, I discovered even a new use for Bondi Band!
When I take two waters, one to drink and one to pour over my head, the Bondi Band retains some of the cool water and keeps my head cooler for longer than it would if it were just my plain old head. It also helps shield the sun from me. If I haven’t convinced you yet of its sheer awesomeness, I shall GIVE one to you to prove it. (Well, one of you, anyway.)

Plus look at how stinkin’ cute our Team Shrinking Jeans looks wearing them! (That’s us in San Diego, running with sisters from the Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans for Team In Training in June.)

So here are the rules:
  • Leave me a comment here about whether or not you’ve tried Bondi Band.
  • For another entry, follow me here at Average Moms Wear Capes!
  • For yet another entry, become a fan of Average Moms Wear Capes on Facebook right there on my sidebar on the left!
  • And finally, for another entry, tweet or blog about the giveaway and leave the link in the comments! Whichever one. I’m not picky.

Please leave a separate comment for each entry! Yep, four chances to win! But only 24 hours! This giveaway closes at 11:59 p.m. Eastern Time TONIGHT! At 12 a.m. Tuesday, I will be announcing a NEW giveaway, so come back!


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  1. Um, I love Bondi Band (thanks to you!), and I'm wearing a brand new 13.1 Bondi Band that Lisa bought for me. Can I enter?!!!

  2. Dang, you know I've tried the Bondi Band. See proof in the picture above. I actually just ordered 3 more (one for T because they have an Air Force one and he wanted one too).

  3. I'm a follower on FB!

  4. I'm also a follower of the new site! First thing I did when I got here!

  5. Totally stole my tweet from @reallifeadv but I tweeted it too! (can't tell I want one of those for free, huh?)

  6. Never tried it, but I think I need to!

  7. I love my bondi band! I have one that says Rockstar!

  8. I follow you on twitter!

  9. And I am a “liker” on your FB page! ;)

    I love your new site! Awesome!

  10. I have never tried one, but I really need to because my hair gets in my face on runs and it drives me NUTS!

  11. I follow you on Facebook!

  12. I'm trying to follow but it won't let me. But I love you. so that should *basically* be the same thing.

  13. I've never tried them, but I'd like to.

  14. I'm a Facebook fan.

  15. I'm trying to follow, but it won't let me. I'll try again in the morning.

  16. Love my “Run like a Mother” Bondi Band! I usually use visors outside, but for my indoor workouts it has been fab! I get so many comments on it too…

  17. I am officially a follower!

  18. I don't have one yet, but I keep seeing all ya'll wearing them so I know I need to get one especially since you guys have convinced me that I should start running too! I have incredibly thick hair so my head sweats even if I don't! So…pick me or I'll have to go buy one myself!! lol!!

  19. I became your fan on Facebook, too!

  20. Love the new site, Christie!!!

    I have never tried a Bondi Band. I'm intrigued, but don't know if with my super-short 'do and my super-high forehead, if I'd look super-cool or super-stupid. I've nearly ordered one half a dozen times!

  21. Ummm, I haven't jumped on Facebook yet (not entirely sure if I want *everyone* I know to be able to find me!), but I am following you!

  22. And I tweeted:

    I'm learning all kinds of new things thanks to this, too! Like how to link to a tweet, and that I can do Google Connect via my Twitter account. Thanks for the education, Christie!!

  23. I have a Bondi Band and LOVE IT. I have about 6 on my wish list for Birthday/Anniversary/Christmas, too.

    Karena you would look super cool!!!

  24. Following you also. I've added you to my NewsFox reader and blogroll at

  25. I've never tried Bondi Bands, but I really want to!

  26. I'm following your site, and I love it. The new look/theme is great!

  27. I follow your blog!

  28. I have been on the fence about purchasing a bondi band for running–have tried so many others, and would love to try bondi!

  29. I tweeted about your giveaway on twitter!

  30. I have never tried Bondi Band but it might be a good thing especially since my hair is shorter now!

  31. I follow your blog!

  32. Okay, this morning it is cooperating and I am now following your new blog.

  33. I'm following your new blog-love it BTW!

  34. I've “liked” you on facebook (but I've loved you for a lot longer, so the facebook thing is just a formality) MWAH!

  35. I haven't really tried a bondi band yet. I'm a hat girl, but always willing to try something new.

  36. I haven't tried bondi band yet. I've been meaning to order one.

  37. I follow your new blog, which I LOVE by the way.

  38. I’m a fan of Average Moms Wear Capes on Facebook!

  39. I was recently (as in about a week ago) introduced to Bondi Bands. Another runner on twitter was raving about them, so I thought I’d give them a try. As an avid visor-wearer, I was a little timid to stray from my usual running apparel, but I decided to buy one and see how I liked it. I wore it for the first time on my Saturday run and not only did it keep my hair out of my face, but it wicked away an impressive amount of sweat! I’d love to add another band to my collection. Thanks for doing this giveaway! – Mandy (@girltrndrunner)

  40. Right before I got my first BondiBand I learned just how much it hurts when sweat gets in your eyes.

  41. I subscribed in my reader…does that count?!?

  42. Wow! 50 comments already? I don't have one YET but I want one. My only hesitation has been – will it slip and slide and will it give me a migraine? (which you answered!) :)

  43. Hi Christie, your site looks neat. Found you on MBC and am following now. Come visit me at my blog?

  44. I have never tried or heard of a Bondi Band. Can't wait till you send me one! ;-)

  45. Following you on facebook, too!

  46. Nope, I haven't tried them yet, but I've been wanting to try *something* under my bike helmet, cuz I just feel nasty on these really humid days.

  47. “Liked” you on Facebook.

  48. I totally love Bondis!

  49. I have never tried Bondis but as I'm getting back into running I would LOVE to try one out!

  50. I LIKE you too!!! :)

  51. I tweeted the giveaway (@airynothing), but have no idea how to get the URL on my phone :(

  52. Never tried them.

  53. I'm now following you here.

  54. I sure do like you too! :)

  55. I triple heart my sparkly, purple, disco bondi band!

  56. Love the new title and digs! I did all of the above my dear and this is the first I'm hearing of this nifty item, so I have not tried it yet. Looks like it would come in handy as I begin the C25K here!

  57. I never tried I bondi band but I really need one. I sweat like a pig!

  58. I've never tried Bondi Band, but I love their selection, and I hear great things about them! Would love to try one for myself!
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  59. I'm your newest follower via GFC! Whoo-hoo! :)
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

  60. Hey, guess what? I LIKE you on Facebook! And probably in real life, too! ;)
    (Heather S ChaffeR)
    h4schaffer at gmail dot com

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